Renewable Energy

The Jay purchases renewable energy credits (RECs), which finance the generation of a MWh from a renewable energy source, such as wind or solar. Enough RECs have been purchased to cover The Jay’s typical annual MWh usage, and all RECs are Green-e Energy certified. As a result, in 2023, The Jay’s electricity usage will be 100% renewable electricity.

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Efficiency Shines

The Jay prioritizes sustainability with energy-efficient lighting, sensors, and water-saving fixtures throughout the building, demonstrating our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Reducing Landfill Waste

The Jay is deeply committed to sustainability. We’ve introduced water stations on every guest floor, offering refillable bottles to eliminate single-use plastics. We exclusively provide reusable aluminum bottles and maintain strong recycling and composting programs to reduce waste. In our rooms, we use refillable amenities to further minimize the use of small plastic bottles, underlining our dedication to eco-friendly practices.

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Operations Practices

The Jay is promoting eco-conscious choices and reducing our environmental footprint through our Green Stay program. Guests can choose to re-use towels by hanging them in the bathroom, and bed linens are refreshed every three days, unless a guest requests more frequent changes. To support our commitment to sustainability, we partner with a laundry company that exclusively employs green cleaning products for laundering our linen and terry, ensuring a minimal environmental impact. In an effort to reduce plastic waste, we utilize canvas laundry bags instead of plastic, mitigating the impact on landfills. Our eco-conscious approach extends to the use of Eco Sensor Thermostats to optimize energy efficiency. We also actively contribute to our local community by donating old linen and terry to various shelters and repurposing damaged towels as cleaning materials. Furthermore, we utilize recyclable wooden room keys, reinforcing our commitment to environmentally responsible practices throughout your stay.

Sustainable Food & Beverage

The Jay partners with Omakase Restaurant Group to offer a sustainable dining experience. We prioritize sourcing from local farms, including the nearby Farmer’s Market. We use all-natural beef and poultry from local, sustainable sources, and support responsible fishing practices. We use local coffee and tea, eco-friendly containers, and minimize waste by recycling our frying oil. Our efforts reflect our commitment to both delicious cuisine and environmental responsibility.

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Community Involvement

The Jay is dedicated to our local community. We partner with charitable organizations, including SF Fire Department’s Toys for Tots and the International Ocean Film Foundation. As the exclusive hotel sponsor of San Francisco City Guides, we offer 70 unique walking tours run by 300 volunteers with a 45-year legacy. Our employees also have paid opportunities for volunteer work, showcasing our commitment to making a positive impact in our community.

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People & Equity

The Jay is dedicated to fostering meaningful relationships, nurturing personal growth, and building an inclusive associate community. Love is at the core of our approach, from recognizing and appreciating our associates to prioritizing mental health & emotional wellness. We offer best in class resources and support while revolutionizing our business practices to ensure our associates thrive.

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