The Birdhouse Music & Label Showcase

Step into a realm where the infectious beats of REAL HOUSE MUSIC command the stage, ushering in the summer season with unparalleled style and energy. Join us atop the illustrious Jay Hotel for a daytime rooftop showcase like no other, hosted by none other than Jay Bird and The Birdhouse. Set against the stunning backdrop of San Francisco’s financial district, our event unfolds on the exquisite 3rd floor terrace of the Lounge & Restaurant, promising panoramic views and an atmosphere of pure euphoria. With a lineup curated from The Birdhouse’s finest DJs and Producers, each set promises a fusion of new and original tracks, ensuring a dancefloor experience that transcends the ordinary. From sunrise to sunset, immerse yourself in the rhythm of the day, lounge amidst bottle service tables, and savor the culinary delights of our upscale restaurant menu, all while basking in the encompassing sounds of the venue’s state-of-the-art Funktion One Sound system. As always, The Birdhouse stands as a beacon of culture, community, and class, embodying the very essence of San Francisco’s dynamic spirit. Secure your ticket now for a summer soirĂ©e that promises to be the highlight of 2024 in the Bay Area.